Ditto Kids Books We Love: On L-O-V-E

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we wanted to share a few of our favorite books that center on L-O-V-E ❤️

We try to focus on different forms of love for Valentine’s Day in our home, so these books all center on a different facet of love than the traditional romantic version of love.

 Below are a few of our favorites mostly written by BIPOC that center love, diversity, and community. 







"Eyes that Kiss in The Corners" by Joanna Ho focuses on self-love and empowerment 


"From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea" by Kai Cheng Thom focuses on unconditional love from a mother to her child which then empowers others to step into their full selves and love themselves unconditionally too. 


"Thank You, Omu" by Oge Mora focuses on the selfless love a grandma for her community and then shows how love we give always comes back in one form or another. 


"Love Is" by Diane Adams is just plain adorable and focuses on a long-lasting lifetime kind of love. This book always makes me shed a tear...or two. 


"Harlem Grown" by Tony Hillery focuses on the power of love to transform and connect a community. 


"We are The Water Protectors" by Carole Lindstrom focuses on love of ancestry and love of the Earth. Connecting the love of the past to action to save the future. 


As always we'd love to help support small shops and BIPOC-owned bookshops but also know that may not be an accessible option for all. If it is here is our bookshop where you can buy and support small shops but if not these are all found at larger retailers as well. 


Thanks for reading and for showing us so much community love throughout our time here. 


- Ditto Kids Team