DItto Kids Guest Post - Mari Johnson || The Colonization of Land and Food Systems: Breaking Free

Hi friends, this week we have a special treat in preparation for Thanksgiving! We’re so honored to have a guest post by our friend Mari today and to be able to be host her wisdom about food systems in the US. This is always an important topic to be mindful of, but particularly around the holidays, which can be so fueled by consumption.  

You can hear from Mari below.


And as an added bonus, Mari sent along a recipe for her delicious refridgerator pickles!


Mari enjoys slow living with her husband and daughter in the Midwest, as an escape from a busy career. She aims to teach her daughter about nature and respecting her fellow beings. During her free time Mari can be found with her daughter outdoors, in the garden, laying in the hammock reading and talking about life. Mari spends her “me time” doing yoga or at the gym. One day she hopes to have a suburban homestead with chickens. Until then, Maris trives to live beautifully and inspire others to live their best lives.

You can hear more from Mari over on instagram @bellamartinelli