Ditto Kids Illustrator Series


We first found Alyssa through instagram and fell hard for her illustrations after just one peek at her immaculately curated feed. We felt instantly drawn in by her style and knew she would be a great fit for some of our issue one illustrations. 

Every time we get to work with Alyssa it is an absolute joy and we can't wait to see what we collaborate on next! 

Without further ado here is Alyssa! 

Name: Alyssa Gonzalez 

Current Location: I'm originally from Miami, FL but am currently based in Kansas City, MO. Big change, I know!

Background: I studied Illustration at SCAD where I earned my BFA (2017) and since then have been a graphic designer at Hallmark Cards. For about the same amount of time, I've been side hustling as a freelance illustrator  and I often stay up all night drawing fun things for kids' literature and other books. These are the projects that truly bring me so much joy. 

Ditto Kids Team: When did you first know illustration is what you were called to? 

Alyssa Gonzalez: I've been drawing my whole life, but I didn't know I could make a career out of it until I started applying to art schools and learned Illustration was a thing! It was so exciting to realize that I could use what I was good at as a tool to illustrate stories and ideas for others. Kids' books + illustration quickly became my passion.

DKT: What is your favorite part of illustrating?

AG: Just seeing the joy others get from seeing my art. I like illustrating things that are relatable and bring a smile to people's faces!

DKT: What is one value we could all do well to learn from?

AG: I think we could all benefit remembering where we come from and valuing more of the community around us. Our culture is so "me" focused; if there's anything 2020 taught me it's that we can't survive without each other, and we would all benefit by investing our money and resources in those lesser than around us to help our community rise up ultimately.

DKT: What is one thing you would wish to see in a more inclusive world?

AG: I wish we would just listen to each other. Listen to Black communities; listen to Immigrants; to what they need, what they have to say. Maybe if we simply did that we wouldn't be so quick to divide ourselves based on what we look like or where we come from.

You can check Alyssa's work out here on her instagram page or here at her gorgeous website!

Here is a peak at one of the amazing works that Alyssa did for us in issue one 

Thank you so much for collaborating with us Alyssa and for beautiful images! 
Stay tuned for next months illustrator feature and go check out Alyssa's work! 
May your day be filled with joy and grace, 
- The Ditto Kid's Team