"I'd love to subscribe to Ditto Kids, but how much does it cost?" - Understanding our Flexible Pricing Model

We often get questions about how our pricing model “works”; do the different prices reflect several years of a subcription? Why not just have a flat rate?

Our prices changed back in March as the result of a desire to compensate our small team of educators, partners, and artists fairly and equitably.

Not wanting to price anyone out, we found ourselves struggling with the price increase. After weeks of brainstorming, we found a better way to fit both the needs of accountability as a business and the needs of accessibility as a community.

Enter our Flexible Pricing Model.

Our goal is to get Ditto Kids into as many hands and lives as possible, so we created three pricing options for you to choose from:

Accessible: $18 per issue ($16 w/ recurring subscription)                                                            Standard: $21 per issue ($18 w/ recurring subscription)                                                             Supporter: $24 per issue ($22 w/ recurring subscription)

We encourage people to choose the pricing that work best for them. We are so happy you all are a part of this community and are grateful to each of you for your support. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at hello@dittokidsmagazine.com.