#BlackJoy - John Lewis

Today marks 65 years since Bloody Sunday and the March at Selma, so for today’s edition of #Blackjoy, we are highlighting one of our greatest joyful warriors – Congressman John Lewis. 

You know those people who you are just honored to inhabit the earth at the same moment in time as them? John Lewis was one of those people for me. A fierce defender of justice, a big-hearted larger-than-life figure, he lived his life fighting for equality and fairness and committed his life to doing the work of building and pursuing a brighter future.

Most of us know about Congressman Lewis’s civil rights involvement and his legacy in Congress, but some of my favorite facts about Congressman Lewis are the lesser-known facts. The small and personal ways that he shared brought him joy. And remind us that behind every public figure, behind every civil rights warrior, behind every activist, there is a human who loves, laughs, cries, and feels joy just as we do.

So in honor and gratitude to Congressman Lewis tonight, here are some of our favorite tidbits about his life outside of his legendary activism.

* He loved Aretha Franklin so much so he wrote an entire Rolling Stones article about her impact.

* He shared that if he could only listen to one song, it would be “Happy” by Pharrell.

* He was the youngest person to speak at the March on Washington and had to change his speech at the last minute because some called it too divisive.

* He loved chickens and collected chicken figurines throughout his life to remind him of his childhood home.

* His favorite food was his momma's sweet potato cobbler.

* His favorite time of the year was spring.

* He won a national book award for his graphic novel “March.”

* He preferred a hot shave with a straight razor and would always fall asleep in the barber chair.

John Lewis’s life and impact cannot be condensed into a small caption, but we hope you enjoyed these small facts as much as we did.


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