Books We Love: On Earth

Hi friends!

It's been a minute since we did one of these, huh?

Today we are back with a small book roundup of our favorite books that touch on earth and how to better love and nurture this planet we all call home.
We are big believers here that we can all make a difference no matter how small or insignificant it may seem; all of our collective actions add up to community-changing forces.

We also understand the profound ways that ABAR and climate justice are intertwined, and we feel strongly that our past can teach us the way forward in many ways.

As we spoke about in issue one, our ancestors lived sustainable lives. They planted, harvested, re-used, reduced, and composted, and practiced zero waste long before they came to public consciousness as "eco-terms." The guidelines for the care and keeping of our planet are all around us, and as parents and caretakers, we feel that it is our special duty to teach our kiddos what they can do on all levels to affect change.

Below are a few of our favorite books that help introduce ways that small changes can inspire big change.

Images of 6 books against a white background with the words Ditto Kids Books We Love in the center in multi-colored letters


As always you can find all of these books shopping links on our Bookshop incase you wanted to grab a few copies and support independent bookshops at the same time! 

Have a gorgeous day friends!