Ditto Kids Books We Love: On Women

In honor of Women's History Month, we rounded up a few of our favorite books that honor and center women and the contributions they've made, paths they've forged, and rights they've fought for. There is no one way to be a woman or one way to affect change or inspire those around you, and these talented and unique figures highlight that. From Maya Lin's groundbreaking visions of light and lines to Vashti Harrison's visionary women worldwide, these books shine a light on some of the women who have paved the path for who we are today. Each of these women models ambition, innovation, and advocacy while also showing us that women have been fundamental change-makers for as long as we've inhabited this earth. We hope that you are inspired by these titles and the women they showcase and that you can share them with the kiddos in your life and inspire them too.

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You can find all of these books linked on our Bookshop and head to our Instagram or Facebook page to enter our giveaway where we are gifting one community member a copy of "Women Making America" by Heidi Hemming and Julie Hemming Savage. 


We hope you have a great weekend! 

- The Ditto Kids Team